Get Inpired

If Chinese isn't your first language...

Are you a working parent?

Or a full-time stay at home parent?

Your kids don’t speak a word of Chinese?

Read these stories and get inspired.

Your kids are never too late to start…

Fleur – stick with a routine

Eve – each child is unique

Ting Handerson – coupled with the spaced repetition method

Dot – be consistent and keep going

Success from native Chinese parents...

Are you homeschooling?

Preparing for primary school admission tests?

Setting your kids up for a head start in literacy?

Learn other parents secrets to success.

Your kids can be an early reader too.

Oscar Mama– 認識中文的美麗

Cherry  – 利用字卡改善寫字筆畫佈局

What teachers and educators say...

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