「春風」自家教 課程 Spring Homeschooling Course

「春風」自家教 課程  Spring Homeschooling Course

1 Feb, 2020




  • > 讓小朋友「手到、眼到、心到、耳到、口到」地學習
  • > 訓練孩子的語文和數理思維能力,加強孩子的認知發展
  • > 從基礎開始為孩子塑造學習型大腦,鍛練孩子的:
    • * 專注力
    • * 邏輯思維
    • * 記憶力
    • * 視覺辨認
    • * 觀察力
  • > 編碼基礎練習,助孩子迎接AI世代
  • > 為父母提供神經學習科學小提示,教你利用腦神經學最新發現,理解孩子的大腦機能,從而全面提升孩子的終身學習能力
  • > 思展方程式的埸景和人物登場,一起陪伴孩子快樂練習
  • > 全課程備有繁體版及簡體版
  • > 結合遊戲卡,多元化活動延伸學習


Homeschooling is something to be seriously considered by all parents, and even if you do not homeschool your children, being prepared for homeschooling can help. We just launched the Spring Homeschooling, a one-month course, during the month of February, 2020. The course is designed to provide holistic practice for young children. On top of language and logical thinking skills, the game sheets also promotes focus, attention, observation, memory and basic coding skills.

This 12-lesson course is released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during February, and is completely free. It’s available in both traditional and simplified Chinese versions.

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