孩子的學習成效絕對可以遠超 1+1=2。



Basic Chinese 500 – Building Foundation

From the day your child is born, the race against time is on.

We now know that the first 6 years in life are the window of opportunity to maximising a child’s potential.

We also know that the age of 4-6 is the golden period for a child to develop linguistic abilities: reading, developing vocabulary, refining grammatical and verbal expressions.

Basic Chinese 500: a scientific, foundational program that maximises your child’s reading ability and linguistic potential in Chinese in 500 days.


迎接2018聖誕佳節,思展為小朋友設計了獨特的【2018 聖誕倒數日曆】:集語文學習和DIY於一身。

Here comes Santa… along with Sagebooks’ 2018 Advent Calendar, with creative features such as language learning and DIY. What better way to prepare for Christmas this year?

Treasure Box CD demo


A demonstration of the read-along recording of all 25 books in Treasure Box in Putonghua.  Great care has been taken in the production of these recordings.  We have carefully decided on the use of male or female voice for each story to reflect the contents, and made sure there is a balanced number in each voice to ensure a balanced gender perception.  Background music was also chosen to best represent the mood of each story.  On top of the turn-page signals, each book also ends with a reading of all NEW individual words which are not taught in the related Reader level.

The story of 高

高 is a pictographic word. Let’s watch its story.