思展讀書郎面世 Sagebooks Read-along App now available

思展讀書郎面世 Sagebooks Read-along App now available

20 May, 2019


> 配合書中QR code,簡單四步曲,隨時隨地伴讀左右
> 全文朗讀,每課/每句即掃即讀,省卻mp3中前後搜索
> 自行選擇全課自動播放,或一點任選單句播放
> 三個播放速度,配合孩子學習所需

備有 iOS 及 Android 版本,於 App Store 及 Google Play 免費下載。

下載「思展讀書郎」 「思展讀書郎」使用說明

Sagebooks Read-Along App, the perfect companion for your child to study Basic Chinese 500 (2019 edition). Available in iOS and Android versions, for free download at App Store and Google Play.

> Scan the QR codes to read along in 4 easy steps
> Download once and playback offline any time
> Unabridged audio recording of all 500 lessons
> Instantly play back the lesson / sentences of your choice
> 3 playback speeds to suit your child’s needs

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