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Sagebooks Read-Along App Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions for using the App. They are simple and easy to understand. If you accept these terms and conditions, please proceed with the registration. By registering with our Company, Sagebooks Hongkong, you are deemed to have read and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. Description of the App

1.1 Sagebooks Read-Along (思展讀書郎) App can be used together with the book “Basic Chinese 500”. It allows your child to look at the text and the pictures in any lesson in the book, and listen to the text read out in Putonghua or Cantonese (when it is available). Your child is then encouraged to read out the text aloud.

1.2 This method – to see and listen, and then to read aloud- is the tried out and possibly the best method to learn a language. The effect can be drastically improved if you accompany your child in the learning process.

1.3 Furthermore, the App is designed to be easy to use, so easy that your child can use the App to continue the learning by himself/herself. After running this App on the smart phone, your child can scan the QR code printed on various page of the book to let the sentence on the page being read out.

2. Registration

2.1 Our Company requires every user to register with it before he can use the App.

2.2 You will need to enter the email address and log-in password during the registration. The email address will be used to activate the account and to recover password, in case you have forgotten it in the future. The email address will also allow our Company to send any information on new publications and activities which may be of interest to you.

3. Permitted Use

3.1 You are permitted to use the App for your child’s personal learning purpose only. You will have to obtain our Company’s prior written permission if you wish to use the App for any other purpose.

3.2 You agree and warrant not:

(a) To use the App for any illegal purpose, or for the purposes of infringing any third party’s rights (including but not limited to privacy and intellectual property rights), or of accessing and collecting the personal data of any third party (including other users of the App), or of any other use which may adversely affect our Company’s reputation;

(b) To reproduce, copy, sell, license, transmit, upload, publish, post, distribute, broadcast, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works, reverse engineer or otherwise change or dispose of the App, whether in whole or in part, including any codes, programs, and user interfaces in the software in both the smart phone and the central computer, and the text, graphic, picture, photograph, image, audio recordings, video, logo, trade name and trade mark in their contents;

(c) To interfere, disrupt or damage the software running in the central computer including its contents; or

(d) To disrupt, restrict or inhibit other users from using the App.

3.3 Our Company reserves the absolute right to terminate, suspend or limit your use of the App at any time if you infringe or fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions set out in 3.2 above.

3.4 Furthermore, our Company reserves the right to claim against you any of its loss and damage arising from your infringement and non-compliance of the terms and conditions set out in 3.2 above. Our Company will further claim indemnity from you for any third party’s claim against our Company arising from your infringement and non-compliance. These claims shall also include any legal costs.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

4.1 In connection with your warranty set out in 3.2 (b) above, you agree and acknowledge that the App, together with the software program running in the server, and all of their contents (including any text, photograph, graphic, picture, image, audio, video, logo, trade name and trade mark) are the property of our Company, and are protected by the intellectual property laws (including copyright, patent, trademark and other proprietary rights).

5. Limitation of Liability

5.1 You agree and accept our Company’s disclaiming of its liability in respect of the following matters:

(a) The contents of the App are only for reference purpose and should not be taken as any authority on any particular subjects, or as the advice or suggestion on any transaction. Our Company shall not be responsible or liable for any omission, inaccuracy and lack of currency in these contents, or their fitness for any particular purpose.

(b) The App and access to the central computer are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Our Company does not warrant their availability at any time or that they will be free from interruption, delay, or breakdown, and shall disclaim any liability arising therefrom.

(c) Our Company does not warrant that the App and the software in the server are free of virus, bugs or defects, and shall disclaim any liability arising therefrom.

(d) The App will require a log-in password before it can be used. The password is kept in the App in the smart phone. You should keep the smart phone and the password safe for use. Our Company shall disclaim any liability if the smart phone is mislaid and the log-in password is compromised, thus allowing the App to be misused.

(e) There is an “Customer Care” facility in the App where you can raise any inquiry on the content of the lessons. The Customer Care staff in our Company will endeavor to answer your inquiry as fully and as soon as possible. However, our Company cannot warrant any due date for replying, and shall disclaim any liability arising therefrom.

4.2 The above disclaimers shall apply to both our Company, as well as its employees, associate companies, contractors, and agents.

6. Data on Users

6.1 As mentioned in 2.2 above, your password and email address entered during the registration are kept in the server.

6.2 The server may keep usage information for each user, but without the user’s personal data. The usage information is used for analysis so as to improve both the facility and the contents of the App, and for reference in designing new Apps, but not for any other purpose. You agree to our Company keeping usage information for the said purpose.

7. Costs

7.1 The App and access to the server are both free. However, our Company reserves the right to charge the user in the future for installing the App and accessing to the server.

8. Links and In-App Purchase

8.1 Our Company may in future include in the App useful links to other websites, systems or services operated by third parties. Our Company shall not be responsible or liable for the accessibility of these links, or their contents. Our Company does not endorse, recommend or warrant the completeness, accuracy and currency of the contents available in these links, and the availability, correct pricing, quality and fitness for use of the products and services therein.

8.2 You agree to read the terms and conditions for accessing these links and for procuring any products or services therein. You further agree to bear the possible risk from relying on their contents or procuring the products and services therein.

8.3 You agree that our Company shall not be responsible or liable for any direct or indirect loss and damage suffered by you for your accessing these links from the App, or in connection with any action taken by you upon your reliance on or use of the information in these links, or any transaction conducted by you such as purchase of any products or services advertised on the links.

8.4 Our Company may incorporate in-app purchase facility into the App in future, for products both of its own or third parties. For those products of third parties, the terms and conditions set out in 8.1 to 8.3 shall also apply.

9. Changes to These Terms and Conditions

9.1 Our Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. It shall refrain from doing this unless when absolutely necessary. It shall inform you of the changes by an email message, and shall send along an updated Terms and Conditions of Use for you to consider. If you do not accept the updated Terms and Conditions, you and your child must cease using the App immediately.

10. Others

10.1 No one (other than you as the user to the App) shall have the right to enforce any of the above terms and conditions.

10.2 Our Company has the right to assign or transfer any of its rights and obligations in the App and in this Terms and Conditions of Use to any third party without giving notice to you.

10.3 If any clause in this Terms and Conditions of Use is found to be wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason or in violation of any applicable law, such clause (or the relevant part thereof) shall be deemed deleted, and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining clauses.

10.4 If our Company delays or does not exercise any of its rights against you under this Terms and Conditions of Use, the delay or non-enforcement shall not be considered as a waiver, and shall not preclude our Company to exercise such rights in future.

10.5 This Terms and Conditions of Use shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of Hong Kong, and the courts in Hong Kong shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising therefrom.

請仔細閲讀以下「思展讀書郎」這個程式的使用條款和細則。 這些條文寫得很簡單易明。 如果你接受這些條款和細則,請向本公司(即Sagebooks Hongkong)登記你的用戶資料。 這登記會視為你已閲讀過這些條款及細則,並同意接受它們的規管。

1. 程式簡介

1.1 「思展讀書郎」是個免費的程式,可以從App Store 或 Google Play 網站下載到你的智能手機。 它是與「基礎中文500」一起使用的,你的孩子可以一邊看到和讀到書中每課內的圖畫和文字內容,一邊用這個程式聽到以標準普通話朗讀出的文字內容。 你可以鼓勵你的孩子大聲朗讀出文字內容。

1.2 這個方法,即看到、讀到、聽到,再大聲朗讀,很古老但有效,也可能是學習語文的最佳方法。

1.3 這個程式特別設計成十分容易使用,你的孩子可以自己使用它來繼續學習。 你的孩子在智能手機上選擇了運作這個程式後,這個程式便會自動接通本公司的中央電腦。 你的孩子可以掃描書中各頁印有的 QR Code, 再選擇用程式播出每課甚至每句。

2. 登記

2.1 本公司要求每個用戶登記後才能使用這個程式。

2.2 登記時你提供的用戶資料,本公司除了以下有特別聲明的,不會查核、收集、直接使用這些資料、或將它們作任何處理。

2.3 你在登記時提供的用戶資料(包括登入密碼)會全部貯存在你的智能手機上這個程式中,而不是貯存在本公司的中央電腦上。這些資料在你或你的孩子每次接通中央電腦時會用作分辨和核實你的身份。唯一會貯存在中央電腦上的用戶資料是你的電郵地址,是在本公司需要與你聯絡時才用的,例如要回答你用這個程式中“lNBOX”這功能提出的問題,或要發佈你或者會有興趣的新出刋物、程式或活動的消息。

3. 使用限制

3.1 你只能使用這個程式幫助你的孩子學習。 如果你需要使用它作其他用途,你必需預先取得本公司的書面同意。

3.2 你同意並保證不會:

(a) 使用這個程式作任何非法目的、或作侵害他人權益 (包括但不限於私隱及知識產權)、或作侵閱和收集他人(包括其他用戶)的私人資料、或作其他用途而會負面影響本公司的聲譽;

(b) 複製、拷貝、出售、授權他人使用、轉載、上載、刊登、發布、廣播、修改、改編、翻譯、製作衍生品、進行逆向工程或以其他方式更改或處置這個程式中的全部或部分軟件或內容,包括在智能手機上或中央電腦上的軟件的編碼、程式、和與用戶的介面,或內容中的任何文字、圖案、圖畫、照片、影像、錄音、錄影片段、標記、商號、商標等;

(c) 干擾或破壞中央電腦上的運作或內容;及

(d) 干擾、限制或阻礙其他用戶使用這個程式。

3.3 如果你侵犯或不能遵守以上3.2 段列出的任何條款及細則,本公司保留絕對權力可以立刻終止、暫停或限制你使用這個程式。

3.4 本公司保留向你申索因上述情况而蒙受的所有損失的權利。另外,如有第三者因上述情况向本公司提出申索,本公司亦會向你提出申索,要求你作出完全的彌償。 這些申索全部包括法律費用。

4. 知識產權

4.1 就以上3.2(b)段你作出的保證,你同意並確認這個程式,連同在中央電腦上運作的軟件,及它們包涵的所有內容 (包括任何文字、圖案、圖畫、照片、影像、錄音、錄影片段、標記、商號、商標等),全部由本公司擁有,並受知識產權(包括版權、專利、商標及其他權益)的法例保護。

5. 責任限制

5.1 你同意並接受本公司對以下事項不負責及不承擔法律責仼的聲明:

(a) 這個程式提供的內容僅是供參考用,不能視作有關科題的權威資料,或對任何交易的專業意見或建議,本公司亦不負責這些內容是否有錯漏、是否準確、或是否失時效,亦不會承擔任何責任。

(b) 這個程式,連同可接通的中央電腦,是按 “現狀”及 “可供用性” 提供,本公司並不保證它們會在仼何時間運作,或它們的運作會不受干擾、延誤或壞機影響,並且不會承擔相有關的責任。

(c) 本公司未有聲明及保證這個程式可以在香港以外使用,及這個程式可以在香港以外接通本公司的中央電腦,並且不會承擔相關的責任。

(d) 本公司並不保證這個程式及中央電腦上的軟件沒有錯誤、病毒及缺點,並且不會承擔相有關的責任。

(e) 這個程式需要用一個密碼登入才可以使用。 這個密碼是貯存在你的智能手機上的程式中。 你必須妥當保管你的手機和這個密碼。 如果你的手機未有妥善保管及密碼洩漏,引致這個程式被錯誤使用,本公司不會承擔相關的責任。

(f) 這個程式内有一個 “lNBOX” 的功能,可以讓你向本公司提出任何有關課程上的問題。 本公司的客戶聯絡同事會盡快提供最完整的答案,但本公司不能保證可以在一個限期內回覆,也不會承擔相關的責任。

5.2 上述不會承擔相關責任的聲明,包涵本公司、及公司的僱員、相關公司、合約商及代理。

6. 用戶資料

6.1 以上2.3段提及,你在登記時提供的用戶資料是貯存在你的智能手機上這個程式中,而不是貯存在中央電腦中,唯一的例外是你的電郵地址,因為是要用來與你聯絡。

6.2 不過,中央電腦有紀錄每個用戶登入登出的時間、學習進度等,但這些紀錄不會包括用戶的任何個人資料。 本公司會分析這些使用紀錄,用作改進這個程式的功能及內容,或在設計新程式時作參考,但不會用作任何其他用途。你明白並同意這些使用紀錄作上述用途。

7. 收費

7.1 下載這個程式及登入中央電腦都沒有費用。

8. 連結

8.1 本公司將來可能在這個程式中植入可連結至有用但由第三者營運的網站、系統或服務平台。 本公司不負責這些連結是否運作正常及其內容是否可靠,亦不會承擔任何相關的責任。本公司特別聲明,本公司並未認可、推薦或保證這些連結上有的內容完整、正確及不過時,或其提供的產品和服務是否確實有供應、價格是否適當、質素是否可靠,及是否適合用戶需要的用途。

8.2 你同意會自行閲讀使用這些連結及訂購其產品或服務的條款和細則。另外你同意自行完全承擔信賴這些連結上的內容或訂購其產品或服務的風險。

8.3 你同意就你透過這個程式登入這些連結而蒙受的任何直接或間接的損失,包括你因信賴和使用這些連結上的資料而採取的任何行動,或訂購任何産品或服務,本公司不須負責或承擔任何相關的責任。

8.4 本公司將來亦可能在這個程式中植入訂購功能,用戶可以訂購本公司或第三者提供的産品或服務。就第三者提供的產品或服務,以上8.2 及8.3 段的條文亦適用。

9. 使用條款及細則的更改

9.1 本公司保留隨時更改這些條款及細則的權利,但除非絕對需要,會避免經常作出更改。 需要作出更改時,本公司會以電郵通知你更改的項目,並會附上修改了的使用條款及細則以供參考。如果你不接受修改了的使用條款及細則,你和你的孩子應該立刻停止使用這個程式。

10. 其他

10.1 除了你和其他用戶,任何人士無權強制執行以上任何條款或細則。

10.2 本公司有權將它對這個程式和使用條款及細則中的任何權利和義務轉讓給任何第三者,無須向你和其他用戶發出通知。

10.3 如果這份使用條款及細則中有任何條款因任何原因整條或部分無效、不能執行或違反任何適用的法例,該條款或有關部分可以視為已經刪除,不會影響其餘條款有效及可執行。

10.4 如果本公司未有行使或未有及時行使使用條款及細則中規定的任何權利,不應視為放棄該權利,也不影響本公司將來行使該權利。

10.5 這份使用條款及細則的解釋及執行均遵照香港的法律,香港法院對因這些條款及細則引發的爭議,享有完全及專有的司法管轄權。

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